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Save The Date"International Mustang Meeting 2017"

Ettelbruck Däichhal le 14-15 Oktober 2017


Event Calendar 2017

Family Day

In 2017 our club will organise a Family Day again of course. This year not in Boxtel, but on a circuit: RACEWAY VENRAY.
It will take place on Sunday 17 September 2017.
So if you are interested, you can already book the date in your agenda ;-)

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Dear Mustang friends,

I am proud to announce our yearly club Family Day on racetrack Venray (south of the Netherlands) on sunday the 17e of september 2017. We want to invite all Mustangers from all nearby country's. We have this year a special parking place for Boss 302-428 (all years) reserved.
T.M.C.N. club members have free entrance to the event and track. I included a flyer of our event and we will hope you will share it on your web or facebook site.
If you have questions (about nearby hotels or membership), please contact our event coordinator Miranda Ceelen:

Family Day

Mustang Club of Switzerland

Am 05. August 2017 findet in der Schweiz das fest in der Mustang-Gemeinschaft verankerte
Mustang & Shelby Meeting statt. Die mittlerweile sechste Austragung des Meetings wird erstmals in der Stadt Zug durchgeführt.

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Belgian Mustang & Cougar Club à Borsbeek (près d'Anvers, Belgique) 27 August 2017

Belgian Mustang & Cougar Club Borsbeek

The 67 Turns 50

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